We are Happy to see your interest in NESTQUEST ®.
NESTQUEST ® is a brand name and a registered trademark of Nestquest Pvt. Ltd.

Late 2016 Ashish Katiyar realised the potential to deliver service in real estate industry and proposed the vision to Kunal Vira . Kunal Vira , head of the customer success team is the reason behind nestquest’s deep network with Developers , Banks , NBFC & Regional Brokers.
Started the operation in early 2017 , NESTQUEST ® on field Identified localities and projects which could produce maximum value to the customers. This act helped NESTQUEST ® to transform from what it could have been “a marketing agency” to a “research based” advisory company. This Transformation was possible because NESTQUEST ® didn’t recommended any product were the underline for recommendation was commission. During this transformation we realised that the product should not be the centre of the talk ,it should be client.

Making NESTQUEST ® a “ Client Centric , Research based , Unbiased “ Real Estate Consulting Firm

We have continued with same Principles, Philosophy and Culture in 2018 and added responsibility, credibility and deliverables.
As buyer representative we developed :Need Based Product Identification Programme : A simple but extensive exercise for the buyers to simplify the buying process by articulates their needs, finances and preferences.
For sellers we Introduced seller assist Programme : the programme enables sellers to reach potential buyers through multiple channels for fast and transparent transaction at optimum cost.
2019, we are bringing innovation .The most advance ,productive and efficient real estate tech by NESTQUEST ®
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